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Python is a versatile and commonplace programming language employed in a large number of situations. For this regard, Python has an ever growing plethora of libraries and tools for machine learning and data science development and appliance that allow the tackling of big data as well as applications in numerous scientific, marketing and many other fields. The workshop will take place at University of Coimbra’s Life Sciences Department, totalling 18 hours of formation along four days comprised into three modules, between 18h00 and 21h30:

Module I - Introducing python - 17th and 19th of April, 2017: Python for dummies I: syntax, variable type, different type usage, functions and packages, data importation and manipulation Python for dummies II: reading different types of files, data storage, data accessability, data transformation and tools for data analysis (numpy)

Module II - Data manipulation and visualization – 24th of April: Python for visualizers: advanced data manipulation and chart generation for result visualization

Module III - Applied Machine Learning – 26th of April: Python for Machine-Learners: feature selection, model training and classifier construction

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